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Welcome! Suspended Animation provides a first-rate space for suspension and floor bondage, staffed by expert riggers. We're located at the corner of 7:30 and Cinnamon, right on the avenue. Suspended Animation is a welcoming place for all genders, orientations, and people of all skill levels.

We host a wide range of events including performances, classes, and bondage rides.

What is Suspended Animation about?

Suspended Animation is dedicated to the kinetic art of full-suspension rope bondage. Specifically, we do bondage that involves suspending people in mid-air using ropes. We believe this is one of the most beautiful forms of BDSM, as well as being a tremendous amount of fun.

The experience of full-suspension bondage varies widely depending on the rigger and the specifics of the rig. It can be sexy, beautiful, relaxing, meditative, strenuous, excruciating, or silly. Want to know more? Come visit us: that's what we're here for.

Camp Rules

Suspended Animation hosts a wide range of visitors from a wide variety of different sub-cultures. In order to ensure that everyone has a good time, we ask all visitors to observe the following rules:

The Basics



What to bring

In the spirit of radical self-reliance we encourage you to bring your own bondage gear, if you have any. We'll provide the following:

We provide practice rope during our classes, and have a limited amount of loaner rope available at parties. If you're shopping for rope before coming to Burning Man, you might be interested in our bondage gear guide.